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December 8, 2020 | Private Doctor, Online GP, Referral, Without a Referral, Appointment, Digital Healthcare

Can I See A Private Doctor Without A Referral?

Private healthcare comes with several benefits compared to NHS healthcare: easier, faster access to appointments; longer appointment times, where multiple issues can be discusses in one session; and flexibility with additional appointment types such as home visits, pop-up clinics or online consultations.

At Hapi Healthcare, we provide access to private healthcare which is accessible, affordable and intelligent. Best of all, you can book with our experienced GPs online anytime without the need for a referral from your current doctor. This means you have the healthcare you need, when you need it, right at your fingertips.

If navigating private healthcare is uncharted territory for you, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

Get started by choosing a service and booking an appointment

Whether you need a general GP appointment, or a more specific service such as physiotherapy or counselling, Hapi Healthcare works with a multitude of experienced, top-quality private practitioners.

When you decide which service you require, it couldn’t be simpler to book a general or specialist appointment online or through the Hapi Healthcare app. Simply choose one of the available appointments - the details of which clearly indicate the time, date, price and consultant name for that particular appointment - and pay online.

Since your consultation does not require a referral from your registered GP, you can speak with a private consultant or specialist as soon as possible.

Prescriptions, Tests and Treatments

Hapi-registered GPs can provide medical advice for a wide range of symptoms, and order prescriptions to be sent to your nearest pharmacy. Where a physical examination or specific treatment may be required, our GPs will be happy to refer you on to one of our other approved specialists.

Referrals and test results are usually faster in private healthcare compared to NHS wait times. This can bring you peace of mind knowing that you’ll have answers sooner, and leads to faster treatment and recovery for symptoms/illnesses.

The Benefits of Private Healthcare

Hapi Healthcare provides accessible healthcare at your fingertips, where and when you need it, at an affordable cost. Our services are fast, secure and efficient, giving you flexibility in your medical decisions with the ability to consult with a private doctor online, at a pop-up clinic, or in your own home.

Private healthcare in the UK, not just with Hapi Healthcare but across the sector, comes with several benefits compared to using NHS services.

Easier, Faster Access To Appointments

Most private GPs offer short waiting times and quick access to appointments, some even seeing patients within hours of booking. Appointments can be more easily fitted around your own work or personal schedule, simplifying the process whilst still making sure you receive the service you need.

Longer Appointment Times

Private appointments most often mean there is more time for your consultation, compared to NHS appointments. This allows plenty of time to discuss not just one issue but all issues or symptoms you may have, without the NHS restrictions of sticking to one topic.

Another benefit of longer appointment times is a reduction in late/overrun appointments, meaning short waiting times and efficient time management.

Flexible Appointment Types

Private healthcare services typically offer a larger variety of appointment types compared to public healthcare, such as pop-up clinics, home visits, and online video consultations. A variation in types of appointment helps to make private healthcare accessible for more people, especially those less able to travel to in-person appointments.

As an alternative to traditional NHS healthcare, private healthcare provides many benefits and personalisation to medical care. At Hapi Healthcare, we are committed to providing high quality online healthcare any day, any time, all year round.

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