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3 July 2020 | Digital, Digital Healthcare, Medical, News, Online, Virtual

Digital Healthcare News Roundup

Here at Hapi, we like to keep our customers updated with all the latest news and developments from the world of digital healthcare. Which is why every month we collect the most relevant and up-to-date stories into a news roundup that’s quick to read, but doesn’t skimp on the details.

This month, updates to a skin monitoring app are released, digital CBT is winning fans and Allianz launch a new digital preventative care programme.

Miiskin Release Updates to Skin Monitoring App

Digital health platform Miiskin, launched in 2015 and downloaded more than 100,000 times, has released an update to make using their app even easier.

Designed to help people monitor skin changes, users take photographs of their body and compare them side-by-side to highlight any differences that might need investigating. This month, Miiskin rolled out an update which makes taking full-body photos even easier. Automatic Skin Imaging is a combination of Computer Vision and Augmented Reality, which helps to improve the accuracy of auto-photography and uses Siri to guide the user through the virtual process.

Miiskin is available for free to iOS and Android users, but the new technology is currently only being rolled out to iOS users with iPhones XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro and SE 2020.

Government Switch to Apple for Contact Tracing App

The biggest news in digital healthcare this month has to be the announcement that the Government abandoned their own Covid-19 track-and-trace technology in favour of Apple and Google.

Despite being warned that the design would fail, officials pushed on with it, spending huge sums of money on its development. Three months after plans were announced, they were forced to admit that the NHS app didn’t recognise enough smartphones to be used efficiently.

The new app is expected to be ready around Autumn or Winter time.

Study Highlights Benefits of Digital CBT for Mental Health

Leading digital mental health company, SilverCloud Health, has teamed up with the School of Psychology at Trinity College, the University of Dublin and the University of Sheffield to deliver a study on the effectiveness of digital cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT).

The comprehensive research, published during the Covid-19 pandemic when anxiety is at an all-time high, shows that iCBT can help with recovery when included with wider psychological care. Participants were service users from Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, facing psychological medical challenges such as depression and anxiety. They were given an eight-week digital mental health programme, and results showed that three months after treatment, 56.4% of patients were no longer suffering from either condition.

The findings have proven that iCBT and digital mental healthcare has a definite place alongside traditional treatments.

Allianz Launches Preventative Care Programme

In other news, insurance and financial services giant Allianz launched their new digital healthcare programme. Following a successful pilot study of over 27,000 individuals, ‘Olive’ was officially released this month.

Cited as a ‘shift from reactive to proactive care’, the programme features three arms. Active prevention identifies people at risk from critical illness, proactive treatment provides support and care for anyone selected, and empowered health and wellbeing provides users with a range of digital tools to boost their health and wellbeing.

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