"I firmly believe in using technology to take the hard work out of accessing affordable healthcare for everyone."

-Kris Bunker

founder & CEO of Hapi Healthcare


To revolutionise social care services through technology, providing immediate expert and cost-effective care, anywhere on earth.


Empower people to live Hapi'er, healthier lives with accessible and affordable social care services and supporting information onto the devices you already own. Tracking and communicating your wellbeing, automating tasks, and highlighting early interventions, all optimised by online videos, block chain, and artificial intelligence to everyone on earth.


A health and social care system at fault, slow and too much disconnect, not allowing enough time connecting with patients and their families.


Hapi - an Intuitive, digital communication app. A system that instinctively knows what you or your lovedOnes need, and instantly connects you with information and access to relevant healthcare professionals.

hapi healthcare web app

Hapi communicates by building a dashboard of your or your lovedOnes health, and shares this with your chosen medical professionals, including connecting with the NHS.

It educates you about what this information means, and gives you access to book medical or health professionals to take care of your lovedOnes, and help keep you all healthy and Hapi.


HapiYou is a digital platform for Social Care that connects and supports you, the patient, with medical professionals for same day healthcare appointments and tracks your health care progression, educating you and your loved ones along the way, putting you in control of your health and wellbeing through devices you already own.

hapi healthcare mobile app

Hapi puts you in control

Seamless health communication

Through devices you already own

The better way is Hapi